Late Night Poker Chasing

Distance = 46 Miles Jeff emailed me this morning asking if I knew anything about today’s Poker Run. I had just seen it in the paper that morning, and was about to call him and tell him when I got his email. This one was being organized by the Rivesville Fire Department. We thought we would do the same thing as last weekend, just sorta tag along and see where they went. I had to pass the Fire Department on the way to Bens, and saw about 40 ATVs there. I unloaded at Bens and rode out to Jeff’s house […]

Chasing the Poker Run

Distance = 36 Miles There was a local Poker Run today for ATVs. The basic idea is they ride from bar to bar on the back roads and trails. The plan was to meet up with Jeff and try to find the pack as they rode through. We didn’t really want to ride along with them, but thought it would be fun to stay close by, and watch the mayhem. On my way to Bens house, where I unload my ATV, I ran into Brent, Bens dad. He was on his way to the store, but after he saw that […]

Communications Towers

Distance = 46 Miles Ben and I got an early start today, we set out on our ride at about 10:00 AM. It was a beautiful day, in the high 60s, with the sun shinning. We started out at Hawkinberry Hollow today, which is on the other side of Rivesville, to the Southeast. There doesn’t seem to be quite as many trails there, but we wanted to explore more of the area, and had only been there once or twice before. At the top of the very first hill, there is a radio or cell phone tower. Some of it […]

Leisurely Day to Myself

I woke up today to the sound of pouring rain. Not a good sound when you had plans of riding. I waited it out for a few hours, getting a few things done in the house. The the sun started to shine through the clouds. It was about 1:00 PM before it really started to look nice outside, but I still had the itch to ride, so I gathered up my things, loaded up the ATV, and headed out. I didn’t start out on my ride till about 2:00 PM, but by this time it was looking pretty good outside, […]

Same got the ATV Bug

Today was a bit of an overcast day, and there was a good chance of rain. My buddy Sam wanted to get together and do something though, so we went out to Indian Creek to ride around some. Sam doesn’t have an ATV, yet. So somehow he talked me into letting him try mine out. He followed me out in his truck to Indian Creek to the first stream crossing, where Bin and I had done the Stream Riding last weekend. We took a few videos, so I made a small video from them all. I didn’t get it on […]

Everyone Likes the Mud

I almost didnt go riding today, but it was such a nice day out, I couldn’t resist. It was in the low 60s most of the day, with the sun out in full force. Ben couldn’t sneak out his dads ATV, so he followed me down to Indian Creek, one of the two main places you see the most people riding around here. Sure enough, there were about 35 other ATV and Dirt bikes out today. Along with about 4 or 5 trucks and jeeps. First we went down to a stream crossing, there were about 12 ATVs across the […]

Stream Running

Distance = 46 Miles We got a very early start this morning, so it was just alittle colder, but still a fairly nice day. We started out by going back to the area we dubbed Morgantown Lookout Hill. We had actually covered more of it the day before than we had thought, so it didn’t take us long to explore all of that area. But there was still plenty of area surrounding the Lookout to explore. We hit a good bit of trails that connected to ones we were on the previous day. That is one of the things I […]

Morgantown Lookout

Distance = 38 Miles Today was a very overcast day, but at least it didn’t rain at all. It was a bit windy but luckily, in the high 50s. We were not out riding for very long, but we were constantly on the move and covered alot of area. Ben had a couple ideas about an area we had not been to before, so we headed out that direction. We rode to the top of a large hill, and were surprised by the great view from the top. We could actually see the Mall at the nearby town, as well […]

Revolutionary Grave

Another day of great weather, stayed in the 50s and 60s, and sunny most of the day. We covered alot of the areas we were in last weekend, but got to all of them from alittle different direction. The terrain was fairly dry, we were kicking up alot of dust the entire day, I was covered in a layer of light brown powder by the end of the day. Part of our trip took us past a set of locks and a dam. There is actually a way to drop down the the railroad tracks here, using them to go […]

Out to Dead Cow Lake

Distance = 34 Miles Another great day for riding today. It was in the mid 40s, but the sun was very warm, not a cloud in the sky. We headed alot further north than we had in the past, and branched off into a whole new patch of land to explore. We took a break next to a small body of water, that had some strange column shaped formations of algae in it. They weren’t solid, or stiff, but appeared to be. I tried to get a couple shots of them, but was getting too much reflection off the waters […]