Morgantown Lookout

Distance = 38 Miles
Today was a very overcast day, but at least it didn’t rain at all. It was a bit windy but luckily, in the high 50s. We were not out riding for very long, but we were constantly on the move and covered alot of area.
Ben had a couple ideas about an area we had not been to before, so we headed out that direction. We rode to the top of a large hill, and were surprised by the great view from the top. We could actually see the Mall at the nearby town, as well as some of the Morgantown campus.

     That was pretty much the highlight of today’s ride, Ben had to get back home soon, so we ended up heading back home from there. After we got back to his garage, we were discussing some aspects of the ATVs, including skid plates. So I decided to stand the Rubicon up on its tail, I had been wanting to take a look underneath of it anyway.

     It gives you quite a different perspective orientated like this. Gave me a great view under the chassis, and I was surprised it was not all that scraped up. I would like to get a good set of skid plates for it though.

     It made the ATV look alot larger viewing it like this. Oh, and by the way, see that puddle of fluid under the ATV? Always remember to shut off the fuel before doing this, it can drain out all over the place if you don’t.

     Thats it for today report, we plan to go riding again tomorrow also. I think we will head straight out to that same hill we found, and start exploring that area more.