Jeff’s New Ride

Jeff called me up the other day and told me that Mark was going to be in town this weekend for another ride. I had not ridden in months. One thing after another kept popping up, or the weather was real bad. So I was happy to get out on a good ride. mark is always fun to ride with, and Jeff had just purchased a 2003 Honda 350 Rancher, so we were all excited to get in a good ride. I really wasn’t sure that the weather was going to do, but it was about 59F when I headed […]

Reunion Ride

Today’s ride was a special occasion, in that it was a reunion of sorts. Ben was back in town for the Thanksgiving Holiday, and wanted to get together with me for an ATV ride. Well, it just so happened, that Jeff’s step-brother Mark was in town also. Not to mention, Jeff’s ATV was actually up and running, well, for a while at least, more on that later.      We all met at Jeff’s house around 11pm and for the ride started. We rode through the normal local spots and then decided to go ahead and make another trip all the […]

I Finally Rolled It

Today started out nice, the sun was shinning, it was a nice warm day, and Ben even got his dads ATV out for a ride. Jeff had to work on his riding mower, so he wasn’t able to ride with us today. We saw him out at The Island, and talked with him for a while, he was just killing time till someone got back with the parts he needed. A couple ATVs came riding by, and stopped to talk to us. They asked where we were planning on riding, which we really didn’t know. We didn’t really feel like […]

To Ash Dumps with Mark

Distance= 72 Miles Ben and I were out pretty late the night before, so I was very surprised that we got such an early start. The plan was to get up about 9 AM so that we could get an early start. Then Ben ended up calling me at 8 AM. He had stayed at a buddies house, and happened to wake up early. I guess he felt I should also. So we ended up heading out on our ride by 10 AM. We figured we would stop by Jeff’s place on our way through. I didn’t figure he would […]

Brent goes to the Ash Dump

Distance = 52 Miles I had plans of riding today, even though I had not got in touch with Jeff yet. I would have rode alone if I had to, but Ben’s dad (Brent) called me up this morning and asked if I wanted to go riding. Brent had just bought some new tires for his ATV, and I think that revived his interest to ride again. I don’t think he has rode much lately, being busy with things at work and at home. I ended up getting a hold of Jeff on my way up to Brent’s, and he […]

First Helmet Cam Day

Today was a beautiful sunny warm day, and the first day I got to try out my new Helmet Cam setup.    I wasn’t sure if Jeff was going to be around, since I couldn’t get a hold of him that morning. So I just stopped by his house on my way to Indian Creek. He was home, and just waking up, but he was still up for a ride. We headed out to Indian Creek first as usual, and sure enough, saw a few people down at the Island. I didn’t see anyone I knew, but Jeff talked to […]

Trail Blazing with Mark

Distance = 56 Miles Jeff’s step brother Mark came into town this weekend, and wanted to go riding with us. They still needed to load up his ATV and drive over to Jeff’s house, so I rode alone for a while. I was heading into Indian Creek, and heard an ATV that sounded like Brent’s. Sure enough, when I got to the Island, and looked below, there was Brent stuck in a real deep hole, the ATV was just about on its side. He looked up at me and waved me down, I could tell me was happy to see […]

Finding New Territory

Distance = 48 Miles We got lucky, and had good weather today, after an entire week of rainy miserable weather. Jeff and I took advantage of it and went for a ride. We started out the ride like we usually do, checking to see if anyone was in the Indian Creek and Table Top areas. We saw a group up on Table Top, it was a mixed group of utility and sport ATVs. We pulled up next to them and stopped, a few said hi, and nodded, that was about it. We didn’t know any of them, and they were […]

Mothers Day Ride

Distance = 27 Miles Yet another day of overcast skies threatening to rain all day. But that hasn’t stopped us in the past, I was wanting to ride anyway, then Drew called me, wanting to know if I wanted to go out riding with him and Jeff. Needless to say, it didn’t take much convincing, so I loaded up the ATV and headed out to Jeff’s. I pasted Jeff and Drew on the way to their house, they were running down to the store, so I went and played around at the bottom of Hells Hollow. There was a trail […]

Riding with JJ’s Crew

Distance = 46 Miles Rain was in the forecast the entire weekend, but I never trust the weatherman, and basically go by the radar map, and what I see outside. We have been having alot of really bad looking overcast days here, that end up being fairly nice. This morning looked like it would be one of those days, so I loaded up the ATV, and headed out to Jeff’s. Sure enough, by the time I got there the sky was clearing up and it was starting to look nice out. Jeff, and I were discussing where we wanted to […]