Sinks of Gandy 2006

This was our 4th annual vacation to the Sinks of Gandy. You can read about the 2005 trip here. As before, Sam and Ben went along with me. Ben was not sure if he was going to able to make the trip this year. He had job interviews a few days before the trip, and was not sure where they were going to lead. Turns out, that they were not going to get in touch with him till later that week, which was about the time we were planning on returning. I was worried that our favorite camping spot would […]

Camping & Caving at Bowden & Hamilton

This will be a 3 part trip report, that takes place over 3 days of camping and caving. This trip started out Friday afternoon after I got home from work. Ben, Sam, Ezra, and I were on this trip. Ezra is an old time friend, and had not gotten the chance to go out with us in a long time. He had only done one other caving trip to Sinks of Gandy Cave a couple years ago with Ben, and was excited to go on another caving trip.      Part 1:   Camping out near Bowden      We all met at […]

Through the Water Tunnel

We got a fairly early start today, having camped near the cave the night before. The main entrance to Bowden Cave was only about a 15 minutes drive from our camping spot. We had been in this cave once or twice before, but it had been quite some time, and we were excited to explore it again. There is a small passage into the cave after you crawl up over a rock face. This used to be gated off a few years ago, but now there are only a couple pipes left. For the most part, Bowden is walking passage, although […]

Hamilton and New Trout Caves Franklin, West Virginia

Hamilton Gallery New Trout Gallery Todays trip was supposed to be with the local Grotto club, at Sharps Cave. Due to a mix up in directions, we ended up at the wrong meeting place, and didn’t get to meat up with them. We figured we might as well still get some caving in, so we drove on to Franklin, where there are 3 caves within a few hundred feet of each other. Hamilton, Trout, and New Trout. There was a ton of people there this time, there was at least two scout groups, and two large family groups, at least […]

2005 Sinks of Gandy Camping Caving Trip

Now that I have returned from my week long camping/caving trip, I thought I would do alittle write up on some of the gear that was used, and what I thought about its performance. I will also include general comments and suggestions about some things I have learned during my trips. — Location ——- First off, lets talk alittle bit about the where I went. Me and two buddies went to Glady West Virginia, about a 2 hour drive to camp from my house. This was our third year in a row for this trip. Its a great for camping, […]