Revolutionary Grave

Another day of great weather, stayed in the 50s and 60s, and sunny most of the day.
We covered alot of the areas we were in last weekend, but got to all of them from alittle different direction. The terrain was fairly dry, we were kicking up alot of dust the entire day, I was covered in a layer of light brown powder by the end of the day.
Part of our trip took us past a set of locks and a dam. There is actually a way to drop down the the railroad tracks here, using them to go along the river for a long time. But we saved that for another day.

     There were quite a few people out riding today, as to be expected on a nice day like this. We have only had a couple real good weekends lately, winter is just starting to break here. Actually today had the biggest variety of riders I have seen. Everything from younger kids on racing quads, to a few older husband and wife teams.
Here is a shot I got of a coupe local kids trying out a hill climb, at one of the many strip mines around this area. He didnt make it, but at least he knew when to bail, and make the turn back down the hill.


       There was also a mound of dirt across the road here, that was just too tempting, we had to have alittle fun jumping it. It was only a couple feet high, but you could get a good little hop off of it. Ben and my self have utility ATVs, each weighing about 600 lbs, they aren’t meant for jumping, but they can take the beating just fine, as long as you manage to land them right.
Here are a few of Ben catching some good air.

     I dont have  as much experience at jumping as Ben does, so I tend to take it alittle easier, but its still fun, and thats what its all about. I’ll just blame it on the extra weight in my dry box.

     Yet again, we met up with one of our riding buddies, we usually run into him out Indian Creek.
We were discussing places to ride, and areas that we have covered so far. He mentioned an old war grave that he had heard about. Ben had been there in the past, but wasn’t sure how to get there. We headed in that direction and hit a few trails there, but didn’t find it. Our buddy was running alittle low on fuel, so he headed home. Ben and I headed toward home, the long way of course.
Turns out, Ben started to remember where the graves were, after a couple more trails we found them!
These graves are rather old, some dating back to the early 1800s. One in particular, is an old soldiers grave from 1825. Its a rather nice grave, with a list of the battles he had fought in.

     I am not sure who the other graves are for, but they all seem to be family in some way, or at least a small group of families. Here are a few more photos of the graves.

     The day ended with the ritual washing of the ATVs. I have come to the reality that you are only going to get these things so clean, you can wash them for an hour, and still find handfuls of mud later.
Besides, you don’t have much motivation to wash it real well, knowing you are going to get it just as muddy next week.