Everyone Likes the Mud

I almost didnt go riding today, but it was such a nice day out, I couldn’t resist.
It was in the low 60s most of the day, with the sun out in full force. Ben couldn’t sneak out his dads ATV, so he followed me down to Indian Creek, one of the two main places you see the most people riding around here. Sure enough, there were about 35 other ATV and Dirt bikes out today. Along with about 4 or 5 trucks and jeeps.
First we went down to a stream crossing, there were about 12 ATVs across the stream from up for a while, after they continued on, I decided to do alittle Stream Riding.
The Rubicon did quite well, the water never got high enough to get into the intake, and the engine ran great. I did notice though, that it took just about everything it had, to turn the wheels well, once all 4 wheels were submerged.

     Here’s Ben pushing a pretty good sized wave of water. It was fun seeing the wave in front of you get larger and larger as you continued through the water.

     A few minutes later, a large group of riders went by on the trail above us. They said that one guy had got his truck stuck, and that they were going for reinforcements. We decided to go see just how bad he was stuck. Sure enough in the largest hole in the entire place, there’s a full sized truck stuck in the mud. Luckily, he hadn’t gone very far into the hole, and was able to back out most of the way.

     Shortly after, one of his buddies showed up with a lifted Explorer. He had it setup fairly well, and it seemed to do well, as he gave it hell, through the muddy section before this large hole.
The broke the first tow strap they had, but they got the truck out after a couple tries with a chain.

     But the fun wasn’t over for that group, on the way out, another Jeep that was with them got stuck on the way out. I wasn’t sticking around for that one, and went off on a short ride around the area. There are a ton of rutted up swampy trails there, I was already wet from the stream, I figured I might as well get muddy. After I got back, those guys were just heading out. We only had about an hour of daylight left, so I told Ben to get a few videos of me playing around in the mud.
I was doing good, until I just HAD to hit one of the larger holes. Well, I got stuck.

Needless to say, the Rubi needed a bath at the end of the day. I was quite happy with the performance though, considering I still have stock tires on it.