Leisurely Day to Myself

I woke up today to the sound of pouring rain. Not a good sound when you had plans of riding. I waited it out for a few hours, getting a few things done in the house. The the sun started to shine through the clouds. It was about 1:00 PM before it really started to look nice outside, but I still had the itch to ride, so I gathered up my things, loaded up the ATV, and headed out. I didn’t start out on my ride till about 2:00 PM, but by this time it was looking pretty good outside, just alittle overcast.
I would be riding alone today, since Ben had to work. I decided to take a very leisurely relaxed ride today. I spent much of the day just sitting on top of mountain tops taking in the views.
I went back to the Dead Cow Lake area, and took a short walk down to some sort of water outlet for the lake. Looks like its all but abandoned, and does really serve a purpose now.

     I ended up at one of my favorite spot, a view from above the river, overlooking a power station.
I spent the next few hours riding around below, on the little hills and jumps setup at an old strip mine site, then taking breaks on top the mountain.

     I was looking over the hill, and spotted something kinda interesting. Someone had turned their yard into a remote control car race track. I am pretty sure that’s R2D2 toward the bottom.

     Not really anything else to write about today, just a laid back ride.
Left the Rubicon at Bens place so I don’t have to haul it back up there for tomorrows ride.