Princeton Tec – Tec 40

First Impressions:   I found this light to be a very nice size and shape.  It fits nicely into your hand, and the rubberized head is easy to grip, even when wet.  The body has a soft slightly bead blasted feel to it.  I also like how the supplied wrist lanyard worked.  Then I turned it on… WOW this thing is Bright!   It greatly out performs a 2D Mag Light.  A killer light for its size and weight.

   Fit & Finish:   The Tec40 is very well made.  The rubberized head fits very tightly over the bodies o-ring.  The edges left as a result of the molding are very small, and do no leave any sharp edges.  I would have to say that the bulb is probably the weakest part of the light.  The body should take alot of abuse.

   Functionality:   The wrist lanyard on this light maked it very functional.  The lanyard adjustment allows you to tighten the lanyard onto your wrist, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off.  This light is very well suited for any outdoor activity.

   Light Output:   As I said, this light will greatly out perform a 2D Mag Light.  At about 120 feet, the hotspot is about 3 times larger than the Mag, and about 5 times brighter.  The beam is MUCH smoother and uniform.  The hotspot is larger than the Mag Light at its tightest focus, but is still alot brighter.  The hotspot is pretty smooth and even for a incandescent bulb.  The spill light is very wide, with some rings.  

   Size & Weight:   At 6 inches (15cm) long and 1 5/8 inch (4.2cm) wide at the head, this light can even be places in a pocket if need be.  It is too big for EDC (every day carry) in my opinion.  The light itself weighs next to nothing, and is still very light even with its 4AA batteries.

   Water Resistance:   The PT Tec40 is rated for 500 feet!  I have seen 2,000 feet posted on some websites, but I think this is a misprint.  From what I can tell, I would easily trust this light to the 500 feet rating.  And with no metal used to make the body, their is no worry of rust or corrosion.

   Runtime:   The Tec40 is rated at 3 – 5 hours of runtime.  I have not had the chance to run this light for long periods of time yet.  But I would think it can get a good hour of very bright light.

   Pros:   Good construction.  Water proof to 500 feet.  Smooth beam.  Very Bright.  Out performs many light twice its size.  Wrist lanyard supplied.  Uses cheap, easy to find AA batteries.

   Cons:   Cannot be stood on end.  Non focusable beam.

   Conclusion:   This is a VERY Bright light.  Replaces many other larger heavier lights.  I plan on using this light on alot of outdoor activities. Such as: hiking, canoeing, caving, and emergency use.  I trust it will perform very well for all of them.  Best part of all……. this is a $18 light !!!!!