Jeep JK – A-Pillar Switch Panel

    I looked into several options for mounting switches in the JK. Compared to the TJs I have owned, there really isnt we much dash space to mount aftermarket switches in the JK. I was going to use the overhead panel that mounts above the rear view mirror, but I wanted the switches to be easy to reach when standing outside the Jeep. So that I can easily operate some of the external lights while camping. Plus the overhead panels seem to be so much more expensive for no reason.
I decided to use a Rugged Ridge A-Pillar switch panel. I really like the Carling/ARB style switches, cant beat them for an easy to read labeled and lit switch, but the cost does start to add up fast when you need several of them. The switch panel had slots for 4 switches, I added 2 more smaller round switches at the top for my windshield lights. This way I can turn on just one side if I want to while at camp and point it to one side.
I wired up as much of the panel as I could inside at my work table, which was much easier than trying to deal with it all out in the garage. There is alot of room in the side of the JK dash once you pop off the side panel. This is where I will have the bulk of the wiring and the in-line fuses.

    I also am installing a new stereo head unit at the same time since I will have some of the dash out. I am also moving my Superchips TrailDash to over top the rear view mirror with a custom 3D printed mount. So I had to run wires up along the top of the windshield frame for the TrailDash and the SJCAM video camera I have mounted on the rear view mirror.
So as you can see, I have the dash tore apart pretty good, there is a TON of wiring between all this stuff, and it all seems to take longer than you think it should.

I am very disappointed that Jeep didn’t include any good places to pass wire through the firewall. They know everyone is going to be modding and adding accessories to their Jeep, why would you not include some grommets in the firewall???
I found one small hole just inside the dash where I had the side cover off, where my switch panel wiring and fuses will be. It passes through some insulation into the cowl. But its in a very awkward angle and location in the cowl. It was alittle difficult to fish the wires through.
It turned out pretty good and seems like it will be a very convenient and functional place to have the switches.