Gun Display for my Father

    This is a gun display I made for my father after hearing he was looking for one that could fit quite a few guns, but not finding anything you could buy that he liked.
Christmas was coming up so it ended up being a great gift and I was wanting another wood working project anyway.
    The design is pretty simple, I made it as large as I could for the wall it would be mounted on, 4 ft. x 4ft. It has a 3/4″ thick finished plywood back with 1/2″ x 6″ sides, and some decorative molding to finish it off. Then I stained it and installed warm white led strips inside to provide some nice accent lighting on the guns.
    After it was built I waited until giving it to him to install any of the pegs in the back board to mount the guns, this way we could lay it down on the floor and he could arrange them the way he wanted. I used 5/16″ dowel rods for the pegs.

    It turned out pretty good and once some guns were mounted it really started to look nice. Only down side is now he’s on the hunt for more guns to buy to completely fill it.

   Here is a timelapse I did of staining it.
I brushed on the stain then wiped it down with a rag… Dont brush it on like that. It did make it go faster, but it also tried to create darker spots where the stain went on really wet.
Use just a rag to apply it instead. I ended up getting it to even out nicely, the lighter and darker areas you see are due to the LED lighting.