Cold Day Flipping the Armattan CNC-258

Some of you may have seen my other video of some of my first attempts at flipping… that ended in a horrific crash with lots of damage.
See video here…

Well I am happy to say that after rebuilding the quad and getting some more flight time under my belt that I am doing much better, as in, I have not crashed it again. 😉

I have prop savers on it now, that hold the props on with elastic bands, which does save the props from breaking and bending motor shafts when you have a small crash, but they let the props move around alot, which seems to make them have alot more vibrations and the quad simply doesnt have the same snappy responsiveness it used to have. I will be switching back to the regular bolt on prop adapters soon I think.
I still have alot of practice to do, need to get the flips more consistent, I never seem to do two the same.

Here is a video of my latest flight of flips. Was flying for about 20 minutes total, my hands were frozen, was time to go back inside!
Anyway, enjoy…