FMF Stubby Front Bumper and Smittybilt XRC 9.5 Winch

Today I removed the big plastic canoe that Jeep calls a front bumper and installed a Full Metal Fab Stubby front bumper. Like most things though, you had to do some prep work before bolting the bumper on. Seems you have to do some of these things for just about any aftermarket bumper you buy, especially ones that have a recessed winch mount. I bought the bumper bare metal, I like to just spray pain most my parts, that way I can easily touch them up if they get scratched. The bumper is VERY well made, well designed, and welds […]

Rock Krawler 2.5″ Flex Lift Kit Install

Well after owning the Jeep for an intire week, I order wheels, tires, bumpers, and a lift for it. Might as well just dive into the modifying, right? I decided to go with a Rock Krawler 2.5″ Flex Lift Kit . Everyone seems to like their lifts and i thought it was a good starting point. It includes most of the parts you really need but also lets you upgrade the addition parts over time. I plan on eventually upgrading all the control arms to Rock Krawlers, and posibly the steering. I ran 33″ KM2s on my last TJ and […]

Road Trip to pick up 2013 JK Rubicon

After having my second TJ for about two years, I decided to go all out and upgrade to a JK Rubicon. I was pretty picky about what I wanted and had been looking for weeks without finding anything local. I finally found what I was looking for, 540 miles away in Nashville, TN. I drove to CT to get my first TJ, so I figured what the heck, make another road trip to get what I want.     The JK was listed by a car dealer called Carvana, I had never heard of them and after looking into them found […]

Cold Day Flipping the Armattan CNC-258

Some of you may have seen my other video of some of my first attempts at flipping… that ended in a horrific crash with lots of damage. See video here… Well I am happy to say that after rebuilding the quad and getting some more flight time under my belt that I am doing much better, as in, I have not crashed it again. 😉 I have prop savers on it now, that hold the props on with elastic bands, which does save the props from breaking and bending motor shafts when you have a small crash, but they let […]

Suzuki VStrom DL650 iPad Windscreen Bracket

I have experimented with alot of GPS navigation options on the bike ever since I bought it. All had their issues. The Garmin Nuvi units have alot of short comings I dont like at all. My Garmin 60csX is a fantastic unit, but more suited for hiking, not car or bike navigation, and the screen is way too small. The TomTom app on my iPhone is excellent, but the iPhone screen was just a bit too small for my tastes also.     So, for the hell of it, I mounted the iPad on my handlebars one day and ran the TomTom […]

Suzuki VStrom DL650 Pelican 1550 Side Cases

I started out with a set of soft saddle bags on my DL650, which were very useful, they actually held more than you would think. But even though they came with rain covers, I would not exactly say they were water proof, and there was no way to lock them. I plan on doing some camping trips on the bike and multiple day trips, so I wanted to upgrade the bags to something water tight and lockable. I looked over every option out there for hard cases. There are alot of great options out there, but most of the nicer […]