World of Wheels Car Show – 1-21-17

    Went to see the World of Wheels Car Show in PA today. It was an indoor show at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, which is a huge facility. We have seen some really nicely restored cars at shows over the years, but the custom work at this show was outstanding. My Photos from the show

Family Vacation to Colorado 2016

   The family and I took a trip out to Colorado to visit with my brother, its a trip we have talked about for several years and we finally made it happen. We had an amazing time and it certainly will not be our last time out west! Suck a beautiful area and so much to see. I would like to write a full trip report about it all, but I simply dont have the time right now. For now I will just try to list most of the places we visited and like always, I took lots of photos. […]

Hatfield McCoy Trails – Bear Wallow – Long Crawl Trail

    Took a trip down to Ethal, WV to a fairly new section of trails now open to 4x4s at Hatfield McCoys Bear Wallow Park. We camped out at Chief Logan State Park the night before, then headed to Bear Wallow the next day. This was by far the most challenging trail I have done in quite a while and was the first true test of my Jeep JK. Overall I was very pleased with how the Jeep did. I only had to winch twice, which wasnt bad considering I am only running 35″ tires. As far as I […]

White Mountains 2016

Alan and I took another trip back to the White Mountains again this year. We had taken a motorcycle trip here the year before. Last Years Trip Report. Which didn’t go as well with Alans bike breaking down. This year we wanted to do some backpacking on Mt. Washington, so we decided to drive my truck this trip. Just over 1,600 miles round trip. Places we visited: USS Nautilus Submarine Museum – CT Madison Boulder Natural Area – NH Cathedral Ledge Park – NH Mount Washington Cog Railroad – NH Backpacked on Mount Washington – NH Conway Scenic Railroad – NH USS Intrepid Sea, Air […]

Smoky Mountains 2016

Some of you may have seen in my other trip reports or photos that I usually take at least one decent motorcycle trip a year. A friend and co-worker, Alan, joins me on most of the trips. This year we decided to go back down to the Great Smokie Mountains area again. We took a trip down there three years ago and really enjoyed the scenery and the excellent roads they have. Here is the trip report from when we were there in 2013. This was the first major trip that Alan had done with his Suzuki VStrom, our last […]

Mount Washington

Click Here for Photo Gallery    Those of you that have read my other trip reports know that a co-worker (Alan) and I try to take at least one nice motorcycle trip each year. We always have to try to out do the last trip, and this year we certainly did. The ultimate destination for this trip was Mount Washington in the White Mountains of NH. Which is the highest peak on the east coast, at 6,288 ft. The trip was to be 9 days spending as many nights at camp grounds as possible to save money instead of staying […]

Skyline Drive & Southern WV

7-1-14 Skyline Drive & Southern WV 1,260 Miles      My Friend Alan and I took another bike trip this year to Skyline Drive and the Southern end of West Virginia. You can also read about our trip from last year to Tail of the Dragon. This year Alan planned the trip mainly around hitting alot of West Virginia’s state parks. He is part of a program that  you get a stamp at each park you visit until you reach a goal of a certain number. But over the couple weeks of planning, we seemed to add more and more […]

Tail of the Dragon

Myself, a work buddy, and his son took a 3 day trip down to NC to ride the infamous Tail of the Dragon road. You can read about it here… Basically its an 11 mile stretch of road with 311 curves. Its is a must goto place if you are a motorcycle rider or love to drive fast on twisty roads. Total Distance = 1,068 Miles Day 1 The trip was 3 days total, with days 1 and 3 mainly being travel days just to get down and back. One stop we did make on Day 1 was at the […]

Jeff’s New Ride

Jeff called me up the other day and told me that Mark was going to be in town this weekend for another ride. I had not ridden in months. One thing after another kept popping up, or the weather was real bad. So I was happy to get out on a good ride. mark is always fun to ride with, and Jeff had just purchased a 2003 Honda 350 Rancher, so we were all excited to get in a good ride. I really wasn’t sure that the weather was going to do, but it was about 59F when I headed […]