LED Calculator Program

Download Here  - Version 2.12  - Last Updated 9-23-03

LED Pro was created to help you make informed and educated flashlight modding decisions, and to calculate
aspects of your design, by entering certain known variables.

To use LED Pro, you merely enter all but one of the variables and let the program calculate the unknown one.

At this stage, the usage and results are very simple, and as time progresses the LED Pro Team will release updates
that allow you to complete more complicated functions, and do so with greater ease.

As of version 2.6, LED Pro can calculate 6 different aspects of flashlight modification.
A) Desired LED Current - mA
B) LED Vf (forward) Voltage
C) Battery Input Voltage
D) Battery mAh Capacity
E) Runtime in Hours
F) Converter Efficiency %
G) Resistor Ohms and Wattage

All you need to do is fill in all but one of the fields, and LED Pro will calculate the remaining field.

For most people, LED Pro will be used as a runtime calculator. The user will enter known aspects of their design;
such as the current they will run the LED at (i.e. BadBoy 750), the LED Vf (the average 5W Luxeon Star has a Vf of
around 6.8 volts. 1W Luxeon Stars has a Vf of around 3.4 Volts), battery input voltage (this is generally dependent
upon the light host), battery capacity (future versions of LED Pro will feature preprogrammed capacities for various
battery types), and converter efficiency % (preset at 83% for the dat2zip BadBoy sandwich).

The Resistor View, allows you to determine the proper resistors needed in a configuration of LED's in either series
or parallel configurations.

That leaves only the runtime blank. The user then clicks "Calculate", and LED Pro will mathematically calculate the
approximate runtime, given the variables you supplied.

LED Pro is also backwards compatible, meaning that you can conclude any aspect of the design, by entering the
other 5 aspects. Basically: leave one field blank, and LED Pro will calculate the remaining field.

==================== Resistor Help ====================
If you get any negitive numbers from your calculations, this means that your current configuration will not work.
You might have a problem such as: not enouugh Voltage to run the LED's, too much resistance,
or trying to get too many mA to the LED's with too little Voltage, or too much Resistance.

-The LED Pro Team (jtice, rothrandir, logicnerd411, dat2zip)

Any Questions or Comments can be sent to jtice@jtice.com

================= Credits =================
Programmed by:    John Trotto (jtice)
Concept by:    Jim Koll (rothrandir)
Algorithm by:    Wayne Yamaguchi (dat2zip)
Logo by:    Dan Tran (logicnerd411)

================= Support =================
The LED Pro Team has spent countless hours striving to produce and improve this software, and your support is greatly appreciated.
Please send PayPal donations or any comments to: jtice@jtice.com
As true flashaholics, flashlights and other flashlight related items are also accepted!

Thank you for your support!
Thank you for using LED Pro!

Download Here  - Version 2.12  - Last Updated 9-23-03